Welcome to the Chocolate Advent Calendar website. Here you will find the ideal solution to all your promotional advent calendar needs, supplied by Sweet Temptations - the experts in this specialist area.

We have a wealth of experience in helping companies and brands use these seasonal favourites as a powerful marketing tool

New for 2014 - our great range of Advents has been expanded to include high gloss, soft touch and matt finishes adding new dimensions to how the calendars will look. We have also refreshed the 'off the shelf' standard designs on offer to provide both conventional and more contemporary options, that can be personalised with a logo and seasonal greeting.

We can produce entirely bespoke versions made to your individual specification for a totally unique calendar.

Our promotional Advent Calendars are retail quality.

All are filled with luxury Fairtrade Foundation certified milk chocolate at no additional premium price. Please note that a small charge will apply if the Fairtrade mark is required - this is to cover the license fee which supports the Fairtrade Foundation's work.

All are made with high quality board, filled with superior chocolate and are shrink wrapped as standard to ensure food safety and that they arrive in pristine condition.

Our Advents also come with the added bonus of being the ethical choice for businesses as they are made from recyclable products and environmentally friendly components, so if you are an ethically minded business then they are the perfect choice for you.

Please browse this website for further details on our Advent Calendars and how we can provide the perfect one for you.

Telephone: 0845 658 0202